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Stephanie + Chris Parteebooth!!

is there any words to explain the night? maybe just a few.. it was the craziest parteebooth i shot so far!!! here are some from the night! 1st fav!! 2nd fav!! 3rd fav! i really didn’t think he would actually open it. crazy!! cutest picture of the night.

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Tutti Frutti V-day Special

this past valentines day ken and sharon had hire me to do their valentines day special @TuttiFrutti in northridge california. whats better than a romantic date and then taking your valentine for frozen yogurt :). better yet there was a parteebooth for free photos and a lot of hilarious fun. here are some of the […]

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i’ve been totally stoked about this bloggy all week and it’s finally here ready to go! pattie and richard have awesome friends and family that joined in for some crazy fun at the booth. they did such a great job with their wedding and it has got to be one of the nicest weddings i’ve […]

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exciting images coming to you this week!! heres a sneak peak after going over them. follow me on twitter or friend me on facebook to see when the full post will be up! facebook and twitter username: caoless the rocking DJ!!!! remember to follow and you’ll know when the rest will be up!

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