i have a special love for the city of chicago. it’s a beautiful city and the food is amazing! i don’t have a ton of photos from the food we ate, but i do have photos from our crazy hotdog adventure at hot doug’s – who officially closed his doors a few weeks after our visit. we got there early thinking it’ll only take 3 hours or so, but 3 hours past and we were told that it would be another 3 hours. we were already committed so we stuck it out till the end. our lunch became dinner and i concluded that we are a little crazy. you all are probably thinking hot dogs?! gross! but they were SO GOOD. this was our first adventure while visiting my sister in-law, liz.

sam and liz planned it all out for me since i’ve never been to chicago. one of my favorite touristy things was the architecture foundation river cruise. it was amazing to learn about the history of the city and stories behind each building. i highly recommend taking the time to do this tour if you’re thinking about visiting chicago. i won second place in their photo contest. the prize was a walking city tour of chicago… -_-

anyways, this was a much needed weekend vacation filled with family time and food! here are some of my favorite photos.


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